End Of The Year Blast

December 22, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I ended 2012 with a Blast!  Not the fireworks kind, but a great photo trip to Costa Rica.  I signed up for Greg Basco's workshop, Biodiversity of Costa Rica, and had a most enjoyable and challenging time photographing that diversity (www.fotoverdetours.com).  There were ten participants in the workshop and I was truely impressed with the photographic skills and accomplishments of the group.  One of the great outstanding features of this workshop was the teaching ability demonstrated by Greg.  For every major shoot, he would inform us of the basic setup and how to prepare for it.  He also would go over the composition and exposure alternatives so that we could achieve the best photographic results.  In the darkness of the rainforest much of the photography required suplemental flash, an area of particular weakness for me.  With Greg's assistance, however, much of the mystery of flash photography was clarified.



The itinerary was also outstanding.  We started and ended our adventure at the Bougainvillea Hotel on the outskirts of San Jose (www.hb.co.cr/). From the Bougainvillea we traveled first to the Selve Verde Lodge (www.selvaverde.com), then to the Bosque de Paz Biological Preserve (www.bosquedepaz.com), and finally the Arenal Observatory Lodge (www.arenalobservatorylodge.com), each for three nights.  Side trips were made to photograph macaws, iguanas, hummingbirds, a variety of snakes, lizards and frogs, and a large variety of small birds.  Images from this last adventure of 2012 can be viewed in the Costa Rica galleries.  I will leave it to each of you to decide on the most intriguing, interesting, humorous, or revolting images.  As I said, it was a Blast!










At this end of 2012, Jane and I wish all our friends and acquaintances a safe, healthy and happy 2013.  As a sign at the Arenal Observatory Lodge proclaimes, "Leave Only Footprints; Take Only Pictures; and Kill Only Time".  Happy trails to all of you. 

Our plans for 2013 include some more exciting trips.  Hopefully, there will be lots of new images to share.  Check back every once in a while for new blog entrees. 


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